Factors for the Best SEO for Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is also popularly known as the SEO. This is actually about optimizing your web contents or making it fully functional or perfect. This way, the search engine can responsibly provide for a meaningful outcome to an end user.

A website or a webpage that is hard to understand and navigate only pushes away the traffic and viewers. This only means that your page or site is worthless.

There are a lot of factors that affect the ranking of your website in the search engines. Here are some of the factors that can help you increase your rank in the search engine:

  1. Domain age/name

This is a very important factor in increasing the rank of your page or site. This is because of the reason that the domain is the one that is used to acknowledge your webpage and all other contents of your website.

  1. The keyword appears in the top level domain

The keyword is on the list. And, it makes the recognition of your website a lot easier.

  1. Content of the page

Content is on the top list as well. Your web content is important so that the viewers of your page will be more interested in it. Apart from it, your website will even be made more useful to the users.

  1. Backlinks

Getting a lot of back links on your website only means that your page is popular. And, other webmasters will know your site. And, this is one of the reasons why your page keeps on increasing.

  1. Social shares

Social media is also a way to help make your page more popular. Social shares will also help increase your webpage rating faster than before.

  1. Other matters

Your webpage should be made mobile friendly. In this modern world with advanced technology, a mobile phone can do almost anything that helps ease the communication. Turn your page into a mobile friendly one. This way, it can be reached out by other people who love to search the web using their smart phones.

  1. Title tags with the keyword itself

It has been said that the keyword should be placed on the title tags. This is a must thing to do to increase the rank of your page. It is a big help for you to increase the ranking.

SEO or the search engine optimization) is actually one that is used by almost all bloggers and webmasters around the world. It is the way to increase the rank of your page and invite more traffic in it. This could also mean a lot of sales. And, even your page can be made more useful.

And thus, you provide users only with valuable and useful information. And, at the same time, the ranking in the search engine increases, too. You can also become more popular to the users and other webmasters. SEO is known to be very helpful in turning your page into a new and productive one.


How to Create Mobile Friendly Site to Boost Revenue?

There are a lot of ways on how to make a site mobile friendly. First, there is a need to ensure that the site is designed and perceived by any type of device. If it is a mobile phone or regular PC, the site should be designed properly.

Mobile friendly sites are designed to offer users an immediate access to the most significant information about the business, services and products. These also allow the target market to find and contact you easily.

With the help of a mobile friendly design, you will not miss out even a single opportunity. And thus, you provide users a quality browsing experience they will enjoy.

If you want to boost the awareness of people to your site and get more revenues, do not hesitate to come up with a mobile friendly website. This can simply be done with the following tips below:

  • Avoid making separate mobile friendly site or 2 sites for your business. Google penalize site owners who have duplicate content (one for desktops and one for mobile). It is also confusing and time consuming to maintain two sites. You can save time and effort from just having a single site that fits to both mobile and desktop.
  • Another feature that a mobile friendly site must have is a responsive design. This allows site developers to establish their sites that can be viewed in different screen sizes. Through this, you can reduce the amount of work by site developers.
    In addition, a responsive approach also makes use of a flexible layout, cascading style sheet media queries and flexible images. Once you make use of a responsive design, a web page can already detect the screen orientation and size. And, it can already change the layout instantly.
  • Viewport is known to be a “virtual area” used by browser-rendering engines. The purpose is to exactly determine the content size and scale. This is why viewport is noted as an essential code to use in making a multi experience device. Without viewport, the site will not become effective to work on mobile device.
  • Button sizes and font sizes are important in mobile devices. Font sizes must be 14 px. This may be large. But, this does not let users zoom-in just to read content. This font size is ideal as this makes it easier for them to adjust it for legibility.
    You can also make use of smaller fonts (12 px) on forms or labels. When it comes to buttons -the bigger the better. And thus, users are less likely to miss or hit wrong button. Proper font and button size can help maximize user experience. It can also further increase the conversion among e-commerce websites.
  • High resolution images are important in ensuring high-standard experience among users. These can also help you prevent pixelated issues or blurry photos when viewed on retina quality screens.
  • One of the features that can mess up layout elements is the auto zoom. This is especially for navigation and images content. This may appear too large or too small in the layout. To avoid this, you need to make use of viewport metatag to set the “custom variables” within the content. Just make sure to include this tag on <head> HTML.
  • If you’re planning to put some videos on the site, ensure that these are only user YouTube videos. Doing so helps you manage some difficulties. YouTube embedded codes have already been made responsive. These can also help you save some efforts in making it sure that videos are mobile friendly.